We are authorized dealer of Pluga Pumps for last 22 years. Customers are satisfied for consistent High Quality Pluga Products and because of their references more and more clients get associated with us. This has increased our sales each year. “The Satisfied Customer, inspires another” What else can be a better publicity ? High quality product and prompt service is our motto.

Anil Chandrani
Jalaram Sales Corporation
Vadodara. Gujarat.
About an year ago I had installed local brand 15 HP Submersible Pump and could irrigate only 20 Bigha from my total land area of 50 Bigha. Rest of the land was irrigated by way of bringing water through tanker/tractor. Fuel expense was Rs 10000 per annum. When I installed Pluga 20 HP submersible pump, I can now irrigate my all 50 Bigha land. With Pluga 20 HP Pump, My electricity bill is almost equal as that of 15 HP Pump. Using Pluga pumps, today my farming has improved with savings in electricity & fuel expenses.

Thank you Pluga.

Ghanshyambhai Patel
Sarupur - Timbi. Karjan